What would you improve or change in the Habrahabr interface?

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I would like in this question to collect answers from users who wish to make any changes to the interface of Habrahabr.

Various small changes and improvements are welcome.You do not need to add comments like “make already Habrahabr fixed to 800 pixels” or “repaint all links in orange color”.The conversation is about those small things in the interface, an eye for which you most often cling to.

Perhaps you would really like to change or add something: small changes in the display of comments, questions, notes, text somewhere on the site.Or, say, you do not like the comma after the username in the comments.Perhaps some kind of small functional innovation that would take root here.If you feel that you are ready to share such thoughts, please be so kind as to do so.I will be very grateful to you.

The format(if possible) is this: one answer to this question is one improvement of any kind.In the comments - his discussion.
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I wouldn't change anything. The Habrahabr interface is well implemented in Python..

Only what is wrong is it outdated, the last change in 2013

on January 10th, 2020 (9:50 pm)
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