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# Websphere MQ Template for Zabbix-5.2
Websphere MQ Template for Zabbix monitor, autodiscover MQM and local Queue, checking MQM's status and Queue's Depth.

## Installation
* On Zabbix's agent
  1. Add zabbix user to mqm's group,ensuring zabbix can run mq's command (e.g. dspmq);
  2. Copy the "bin" scripts folder to /etc/zabbix/;
  3. Copy mq.conf to /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.d/;
  4. Restart zabbix-agent.

* On Zabbix's sever
  1. Import zbx_ibm_websphere_mqm_templates.xml; 
  2. Apply the template to the host running MQ;
  3. Wait for discovery of MQM and Queue, and then enjoy !
## Notes
1. The script will autodiscover all Local Queues except "SYSTEM*" queues.
2. The default triggers of queue depth is 500/1w/10w.
3. Tested mqm running on Linux and AIX, zabbix server 5.2.8.

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