Sublime Text 3 / Emmet – Select both opening & closing tag (via Shortcut)

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Just a quick question in order to optimize my workflow / productivity with Sublime Text 3 & Emmet...

So far I am able to (on Mac)

select the opening and closing tag via CMD + Shift + K
select the nested HTML / text of a wrapping attribute via CMD + Shift + A
But what I haven't found out yet is a way to select the opening and closing tag completely (with all possible values) in order to delete the surrounding tags.

To illustrate...

<span style="color: #660066;"><strong>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amed</strong></span>

...which doesn't allow me to instantly delete the code.

Any ideas / hints / workarounds you can think of? I researched both the web and the Sublime Text docs but to no avail...

Thanks & regards!
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The emmet documentation (https://docs.emmet.io/actions/remove-tag/) has this as the remove tag shortcut, but states the shortcut is CTRL + SHIFT + K, when infact, it's CTRL + SHIFT + ; in Sublime Text 3.
on July 03rd, 2018 (9:05 pm)
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