Solution: RHEL8-Based CentOS 8.0 Slated To Be Released Next Week

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It looks like CentOS 8.0 as the community and cost-free re-spin of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 will finally ship next week.
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 was released in early May that then set off the races for the CentOS developers to work on this next major release, some of which developers are employed by Red Hat. Good progress was made early on and in June we heard CentOS 8.0 could ship in a month or two but that didn't happen.

In early July they completed the initial build loop and by mid-August was working on creating a release candidate and QA work but then went silent. There were reports of complications around RHEL8 modules and other features while also hearing of some internal Red Hat matter causing a delay. More recently, it was said by the CentOS project that they were instead focusing on CentOS 7.7 before shipping CentOS 8.0.

While CentOS 7.7 has yet to ship, we hear today CentOS 8.0 will reportedly ship next week. They tweeted today the next version would be released on 24 September.

on September 17th, 2019 (8:30 pm)
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