No picture, what about the video card, what about the VGA motherboard, are there any thoughts?

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They brought a PC with a problem, there is no image from the motherboard (VGA), which is from a discrete video card. Where to dig? They advised to reset the bios - made. The video card is 100% working, but the motherboard is not sure. And the PC starts and all the coolers are spinning.
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1. Check power supply (replace with another).
2. Does your mother squeak something at all or is she completely silent?
3. Pull everything from the motherboard, except for the probe, connect the speaker, turn it on, listen to the beeps, if it beeps, plug in the memory, turn it on, listen...plug in the keyboard, look at the diodes when turned on, should start with all three, if the computer is started.

on December 21st, 2019 (8:42 pm)
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