Solution: Import JSON to MySQL made easy with the MySQL Shell

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The latest release of the MySQL Shell 8.0.13 (GA) introduced some interesting improvements and features, for more information see the full changelog here: One of those features was the introduction of a convenient and easy way to import JSON documents to a MySQL Server database.
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Previously, if you wanted to import data that was held by JSON documents to a MySQL database, then you had to implement a script to parse the JSON documents and generate the appropriate INSERT statements, or convert the JSON documents to CSV files to be able to execute a LOAD DATA INFILE statement, or find some other third-party tool that could help you achieve your goal. That could be a bit tedious, right?… Well, not anymore!

Now, you can import JSON documents to a MySQL database in a single operation using the MySQL Shell. Let’s jump into a quick example to show you how fast and simple it is.

on November 19th, 2018 (10:01 pm)
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