I will troubleshoot and fix Windows 10 issues

IT & Software | Operating Systems
13.50 €
(for hour of work)
Money-Back Guarantee
I will help with troubleshooting Windows 10 issues (any problem will be solved), some of the common issues are as listed below, but not limited to the list, i will help you with any issue may it be: 

Virus removal and installing antivirus programs
Connecting to Network disks
Internet connectivity issues
Hosting Mobile Hotspot
Managing windows accounts
syncing emails on mail program
creating restore points
No sound playing
uninstalling apps and software
Adding bluetooth devices
Hiding files
Encrypting using bitlocker 
PC boots slowly
Files open in the wrong application
Windows uses 4G data when you don’t want it to
You can’t play DVD movies
Too many notifications
Your privacy settings aren’t right for you
System Restore has gone missing
Removing ads on browser
Printer trouble
Avoiding inconvenient software update reboots
Updating old software to work with Windows 10
Finding files with tags
Installing apps you’ve downloaded from the web
configuring ftp server
configuring users software keeps crashing
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