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Do you know the bad impact of slow loading your site?

Case Study: Amazon
Increasing page loading times by just a fraction of a second would cost Amazon $745 million a year in lost revenue!

Case Study: Akamai
The company conducted a survey research study involving over 1,000 online shoppers.

They discovered:
  • The threshold is 2 seconds - more than that and the user will become impatient
  • 40% of the respondents will abandon the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load

Case Study: Google
Even a few milliseconds of delay - just 500ms to be exact - could lead to a notable reduction in page impressions.

I will increase your wordpress speed, performance, decrease loading time with prove and documentation by pingdomgoogle page speed insightGTmetrix etc.

  • I will take care of PageSpeed, YSlow, Waterfall etc.

  • Removing Render Block

  • Enabling gzip compression

  • Fixing Leverage browser caching

  • Magnifying CSS, JavaScript and HTML

  • Optimizing images

  • Combining images using CSS sprites

  • Caching Pages To Serve Static Content While Browsing

  • Optimizing your homepage to load quickly

This offer will not affected to any style issue, css/html fixing or any customizing. If you have any query please discuss before place order.
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