I Will Help You On Any Tasks On Unix And Linux Server

IT & Software | Operating Systems
20.00 €
Money-Back Guarantee
I am expert in Unix/ Linux & Solaris System Administration and Configuration in all Linux/Unix Flavours (RedHat, SUSE, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu and Solaris).

I will fix any technical issues of Apache, PHP, MySQL, Exim, Perl, any server issue, websites errors or control panel related issues on your Linux/Unix server.

  • Enterprise NMS using Nagios, Centreon, OpenNMS, Zabbix, Munin, Cacti, Monitorix, Xymon administration & monitoring
  • Website down, error on website
  • Updating and Managing Linux Servers
  • Optimize Database
  • Install SSL Certificates
  • Install, Upgrade cPanel
  • Configure root logger, Postfix, Dovecot, Squirrel Mail IPMP, SFTP, Firewall, Bash Scripting
  • cronjob related issues
  • Upgrade Apache, PHP
  • Migrate FTP/SFTP/Mail accounts
  •  Installation and configuration of Asterisks, SAMBA, NFS, DNS, DHCP, SSH
  • Vulnerability scanning of Networks, Web Applications
  • Resolve any Apache, MySQL, php warning, error or any other technical issues.
  • Hacking, Spamming issues
  • Wordpress Multi-Lang, Plugins, Security, Multi-Sites Wordpress Hosting
  • Migration of sites or complete OS
  • High Availability cluster in VM vSphere
  • Database Replication
  • Amazon (EC2, S3, Load Balancing, Auto-Scaling, Route 53)
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