I Will do Website Security Review not only for WordPress

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176.00 €
Money-Back Guarantee
I will provide a vulnerability scanning service for you. It will include all the current vulnerabilities and current Cyber Security risks that are exposed and easily exploitable on your website. For such a low cost solution you can have piece of mind that your hard work and professional website is secured from prevalent and persistent hackers that are looking to cause damage, data theft or just for fun!

Vulnerability Scanning is the first thing that anyone will perform on a network/site to look for security weaknesses, this especially includes bad guys! We all start of by scanning your website looking for easy to exploit vulnerabilities. Once we find them, we then dig deeper and try to exploit these, given us Admin access or complete access and control over your site.

Having an ethical Vulnerability scan performed on your website will open you up to the current risks. You can then remediate these findings/vulnerabilities, once this is done you can re-scan your website to make sure they are gone. If we cannot find anything then either can the hackers!
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