I will do Excel Macro Or Vba To Automate Tasks

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20.00 €
(for hour of work)
Money-Back Guarantee
VBA Automation for Excel - turn manual tasks into efficient processes quickly.

Why choose me?
I am an expert in Excel with over 15 years of experience and a history of improving processes. I have a genuine passion and want to help. I offer a service as well as a product, even after delivery I will happily consult with you on any problems you might have. 

* Nothing is impossible - examples of recent work include

- Automatically export Excel to a CSV or PDF
- Automatically sync Excel to an MS Word template
- Loops through all your rows to complete a task quickly, not manually one at a time
- Create an automatic PowerPoint from Excel
- Product inventory for stock reminders and diaries
- Automatically send emails via Outlook from Excel
- Merging multiple sheets or files into a master sheets
- Convert formulae into values
- Syncing Google Forms data to Excel
- Creating dynamic charts, tables and graphs
- Basic form to enter data
- Converting data into nice dashboards for presentation
- Getting website data into Excel

These are just some examples but I am confident I can automate any problem you have. I'll consider anything. Please message me before buying. 
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