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Take Control of your Linux - sudoers file. See attached sample.sudoers file.
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# Sample /etc/sudoers file.
# This file MUST be edited with the 'visudo' command as root.
# See the sudoers man page for the details on how to write a sudoers file.

# Override built-in defaults
Defaults		syslog=auth
Defaults>root		!set_logname
Defaults:FULLTIMERS	!lecture
Defaults:millert	!authenticate
Defaults@SERVERS	log_year, logfile=/var/log/sudo.log
Defaults!PAGERS		noexec

# User alias specification
User_Alias	FULLTIMERS = millert, mikef, dowdy
User_Alias	PARTTIMERS = bostley, jwfox, crawl
User_Alias	WEBMASTERS = will, wendy, wim

# Runas alias specification
Runas_Alias	OP = root, operator
Runas_Alias	DB = oracle, sybase

# Host alias specification
Host_Alias	SPARC = bigtime, eclipse, moet, anchor:\
		SGI = grolsch, dandelion, black:\
		ALPHA = widget, thalamus, foobar:\
		HPPA = boa, nag, python
Host_Alias	CUNETS =
Host_Alias	CSNETS =,,
Host_Alias	SERVERS = master, mail, www, ns
Host_Alias	CDROM = orion, perseus, hercules

# Cmnd alias specification
Cmnd_Alias	DUMPS = /usr/sbin/dump, /usr/sbin/rdump, /usr/sbin/restore, \
			/usr/sbin/rrestore, /usr/bin/mt, \
			sha224:0GomF8mNN3wlDt1HD9XldjJ3SNgpFdbjO1+NsQ== \
Cmnd_Alias	KILL = /usr/bin/kill
Cmnd_Alias	PRINTING = /usr/sbin/lpc, /usr/bin/lprm
Cmnd_Alias	SHUTDOWN = /usr/sbin/shutdown
Cmnd_Alias	HALT = /usr/sbin/halt
Cmnd_Alias	REBOOT = /usr/sbin/reboot
Cmnd_Alias	SHELLS = /sbin/sh, /usr/bin/sh, /usr/bin/csh, /usr/bin/ksh, \
			 /usr/local/bin/tcsh, /usr/bin/rsh, \
Cmnd_Alias	SU = /usr/bin/su
Cmnd_Alias	VIPW = /usr/sbin/vipw, /usr/bin/passwd, /usr/bin/chsh, \
Cmnd_Alias	PAGERS = /usr/bin/more, /usr/bin/pg, /usr/bin/less

# User specification

# root and users in group wheel can run anything on any machine as any user
root		ALL = (ALL) ALL
%wheel		ALL = (ALL) ALL

# full time sysadmins can run anything on any machine without a password

# part time sysadmins may run anything but need a password

# jack may run anything on machines in CSNETS
jack		CSNETS = ALL

# lisa may run any command on any host in CUNETS (a class B network)
lisa		CUNETS = ALL

# operator may run maintenance commands and anything in /usr/oper/bin/
		sudoedit /etc/printcap, /usr/oper/bin/

# joe may su only to operator
joe		ALL = /usr/bin/su operator

# pete may change passwords for anyone but root on the hp snakes
pete		HPPA = /usr/bin/passwd [A-Za-z]*, !/usr/bin/passwd root

# bob may run anything on the sparc and sgi machines as any user
# listed in the Runas_Alias "OP" (ie: root and operator)
bob		SPARC = (OP) ALL : SGI = (OP) ALL

# jim may run anything on machines in the biglab netgroup
jim		+biglab = ALL

# users in the secretaries netgroup need to help manage the printers
# as well as add and remove users
+secretaries	ALL = PRINTING, /usr/bin/adduser, /usr/bin/rmuser

# fred can run commands as oracle or sybase without a password

# on the alphas, john may su to anyone but root and flags are not allowed
john		ALPHA = /usr/bin/su [!-]*, !/usr/bin/su *root*

# jen can run anything on all machines except the ones
# in the "SERVERS" Host_Alias

# jill can run any commands in the directory /usr/bin/, except for
# those in the SU and SHELLS aliases.
jill		SERVERS = /usr/bin/, !SU, !SHELLS

# steve can run any command in the directory /usr/local/op_commands/
# as user operator.
steve		CSNETS = (operator) /usr/local/op_commands/

# matt needs to be able to kill things on his workstation when
# they get hung.
matt		valkyrie = KILL

# users in the WEBMASTERS User_Alias (will, wendy, and wim)
# may run any command as user www (which owns the web pages)
# or simply su to www.
WEBMASTERS	www = (www) ALL, (root) /usr/bin/su www

# anyone can mount/unmount a cd-rom on the machines in the CDROM alias
ALL		CDROM = NOPASSWD: /sbin/umount /CDROM,\
		/sbin/mount -o nosuid\,nodev /dev/cd0a /CDROM

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