How to store components on vuejs?

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The game is originally made in php, now we add dynamics to vuejs. For example, we add a new Auction page, and there everything dynamically works on vuejs, for this we create the auction component and connect its in the main file.

The question is, here we will have 10, 20, 30 pages with different features and all this needs to be connected.This is not correct, the files should be connected according to their needs, how on vuejs to implement this or just how to arrange all this? The collector is used by the webpack, in js the beginner, and the project is large and growing, I want to avoid some kind of mistakes at the very beginning.

In general, how to properly and where to connect the components? The components stored html, javascript and css.
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Files must be connected as needed

Not necessarily, in fact - depends on the number of different pages and components and the number of common components.

The question is not to vuejs, but to the webpack in fact.Dig in the direction of code splitting, it's not hard.In general, regarding the webpack, everyone recommends the screencast of Ilya Kantor(he did not see himself, he was allergic to screencasts).

on May 01st, 2020 (5:11 pm)
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