How to solve problems after converting a virtual machine from VirtualBox to VMWare Workstation?

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The situation is this. On a computer running Ubuntu 18.04, I made a virtualbox export from VirtualBox v.6.1.20 in VmWare v.14.0.0 build-812388 by this manual. After exporting, the virtual machine works fine, but it periodically goes to suspend itself.While I use the crutch: I am restarting every 5 minutes with cron like this:

/usr/bin/vmrun -T ws -gu -gp start"/media/Data_1 /BugServer/BugServer.vmx"nogui

If it works, it remains to work.And if it is restored in suspend.But I would like to get rid of this problem and the crutch of this.
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If a virtualka with Windows 7, then, probably, power management did not work in VirtualBox.And it worked in VMWare, respectively.If so, then you just need to disable the transition to sleep mode in the guest system.

on July 23rd, 2020 (2:08 pm)
yes, just virtualka with Windows 7.Its settings really sent to sleep in 30 minutes.Changed, see if it helps.Thank you for the interesting idea.

on July 23rd, 2020 (2:09 pm)
Because the tap event does not occur

on July 23rd, 2020 (2:10 pm)
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