How to install the Paho MQTT python client

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The paho MQTT python client from Eclipse supports MQTT v 3.1 and 3,1.1, and now MQTTv5 and works with Python 3.x.
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Tutorial Outline

In this tutorial we look at the main client object, and it’s methods.

We will then create a simple Python example script that subscribes to a topic and publishes messages on that topic.

If all goes well we should see the published messages.

The example scripts are kept simple, and I don’t include any error checking.

I use my own locally installed broker, but you will probably find it easier when starting to use a free online broker like:

Installing The Client

You can Install the MQTT client using PIP with the command:

It usually isn’t as straightforward as using the command

pip install paho-mqtt

as most machines have multiple versions of python installed and there are several versions of pip and the actual command depends on whether you are on Windows or Linux.

Therefore use the command:

pip --version

before installing to find out where pip will install the files.

The screen shot below is taken from my Windows 10 machine where I have two versions of Python installed (3.4 and 3.6)

If I ran

pip install paho-mqtt

It would install the client in the 3.6 site packages. To install it for the 3.4 version I would need to run.

pip3.4 install paho-mqtt

On my Raspberry pi (linux) using the command

pip install paho-mqtt

would install the client for use my python version 2.7


To install for version 3.5 I would need to run:

pip3 install paho-mqtt

Note: if you have multiple versions of python on your machine then take a look at my Python Notes.

Note: On the PI and maybe other linux versions if you get an error on install then use sudo pip install paho-mqtt.

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