How to Install Google Play Store on Huawei Device

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  1. First of all, Download GMS Installer 1.2 from link below
  2. Once installed, your phone will automatically ask you if you want to install the downloaded APK. If your phone does not prompts you. Locate the APK and open it to install it.
  3. Allow Huawei Browser to install GMS installer app.
  4. Now give all the permissions to the app. It will ask for 29 permissions.
  5. Now click on Install Anyway. Enable Trust this app.
  6. Now the app will open. Click on One Touch Installation.
  7. You will see a prompt asking that older Google Apps will be uninstalled and your phone will restart. Tap on Install.
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8. Now your phone will ask you to uninstall Google Play Store. Let it uninstall.
9. Once the uninstallation is finished. Your phone will restart.
10. Now you have to install Google Play Store and other Google Apps from Huawei App Store.
11. Locate and open AppGallery. (Its the official store for Huawei phones to download Apps)
12. Now go to Home and search for Google Play Store in the search bar of App Gallery.
13. You can install other Google Apps from there.
14. Now your Google play store will work and ask you to enter your google account details. It will also download and install Google Play Services on your phone.

on May 20th, 2019 (7:41 pm)
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