How to get all available networks using WlanGetAvailableNetworkList in Python

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I am trying to get the list of all available networks using WlanGetAvailableNetworkList. The scan returns an object which contains NumberOfItems. When I loop over the array of networks based NumberOfItems it only shows me the first network and anything beyond that gives me IndexError: invalid index. here's my code

from win32wifi.Win32Wifi import WlanScan, WlanOpenHandle, WlanGetProfileList, WlanEnumInterfaces, WlanGetAvailableNetworkList, WlanCloseHandle, WlanConnect
handle =WlanOpenHandle()
interfaces = WlanEnumInterfaces(handle).contents
g= interfaces.InterfaceInfo[0].InterfaceGuid
WlanScan(handle, g)
networks= WlanGetAvailableNetworkList(handle, g).contents
print("Number of networks : ", networks.NumberOfItems)
for i in range(networks.NumberOfItems):
    print('Network : ', networks.Network[i].dot11Ssid.SSID )
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
from win32wifi import Win32Wifi as ww

def main():
    interfaces = ww.getWirelessInterfaces()
    print("WLAN Interfaces: {:d}".format(len(interfaces)))
    for idx0, interface in enumerate(interfaces):
        print("\n  {:d}\n  GUID: [{:s}]\n  Description:  [{:s}]\n  State: [{:s}]".format(idx0, interface.guid_string, interface.description, interface.state_string))
        networks = ww.getWirelessAvailableNetworkList(interface)
        print("\n  Networks: {:d}".format(len(networks)))
        for idx1, network in enumerate(networks):
            print("\n    {:d}\n    SSID: [{:s}]\n    Profile: [{:}]\n    Connectable: {:}\n    Signal quality: {:d}\n    Flags: {:d}\n    Security: {:}\n    Auth: {:}".format(
                idx1, network.ssid.decode(), network.profile_name, network.connectable, network.signal_quality, network.flags, network.security_enabled, network.auth))

if __name__ == "__main__":
    print("Python {:s} on {:s}\n".format(sys.version, sys.platform))

on June 22nd, 2019 (5:03 pm)
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