How to Generate and Verify Files with MD5 Checksum in Linux

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A checksum is a digit which serves as a sum of correct digits in data, which can be used later to detect errors in the data during storage or transmission. MD5 (Message Digest 5) sums can be used as a checksum to verify files or strings in a Linux file system.
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python hash_sums.py testfile.txt
>>>  testfile.txt
md5sum a30f5a585efa971fc5b3eae62620251a
sha1sum 147a61012231fd1a7bfe0c57c88a972e93817ace
sha224sum cad2ea69236ae119bc526d5dab119da13c8fec10a902592bff09f7f9
sha256sum fdb0ca202b94a4b8a8d968aca21a927d52f8da0889b5b3b9abd3b0cb4e097066
sha384sum b2ee8826097a8210aa656912d916a215bfeb6e39cfbba3feac4461fa907ea1f4088f84871ebb8e198bd19df26a4a412e
sha512sum e6d713bc44a84288bcf1e26cc36d666660bc543372d982eb7b6d5190cf0d834a2c9315270750121fd099fcf9538ab301e4b4a1194e42f96b0dfb20f72385101b

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Good work. Thank you.
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