How to create perfect password?

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How to create perfect password for logins in the master database?
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Open website: https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm
on April 16th, 2018 (8:41 pm)
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A surprising number of people use simple passwords like “password,” which are incredibly easy for a computer to decipher or a person to guess. When formulating your passwords, never rely on these usual suspects.

  • Personal information like your name, birthdate, address, phone number, or license plate number.
  • Repetitive sequences, like “121212” or “bbbbbb,” or adjacent letters on the keyboard, like “qwerty” or “asdfgh.”
  • Real words that appear in the dictionary, including common misspellings of those words.
  • Real words spelled in reverse (“drowssap”).
  • Real words with a single number at the end (“password4”).
  • A real word with one letter replaced by a number (“passw0rd”).

Although it’s common to use a simple password like “password” or “123456,” it’s an invitation to disaster. Creating a better password takes only a few moments, and keeping your information safe is well worth the effort.  

on July 31st, 2018 (9:27 am)
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on December 19th, 2019 (11:07 pm)