Hand Gesture Controlling Game In python using OpenCV

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In this Tutorial You will Learn How to Develop hand Gesture controlling game in python using OpenCV. with the help of this system you can move your gaming car with the movement of your Hands. with the help of this system you can enjoy virtual drive. with the Tutorial i am going to share this system source code.

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With the Help of Real Time Image.


This is main screen of game. Red Circle with Hands identify your Physical hands with Physical hand you can turn left right and Virtual Hands work same with the help of Camera. What you need to setup to Run this project

Python OpenCV
Numpy Libraries
Mac OS
Windows OS
After the Setup You need to Run this Source code and this will work perfectly fine

Main Features

With Hand Gestures you can move your car straight

Move Left
Move Right
Move Back
Back Turn
Back Turn
Accuracy Level 90% with Depends of Camera Quality
You can save Video with the help of this system


if you want to Drive back press you middle Finger. Source code is available. and You can Download Complete Course and Tutorial


on November 15th, 2020 (7:34 pm)
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