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Technical support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr distribution will end on April 30, 2019. No security patch will be available for this operating system, which means the system will be vulnerable.

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A similar step can also be expected from software repository creators (third parties) for this version of the system - that they will not be available anyway. Therefore, we advise you to upgrade to a higher version in advance if you are running Ubuntu 14.04. Here are three tips on how to deal with the upgrade.

How to find out the Ubuntu version
The first good step is to verify which version of Ubuntu you are using. Just type lsb_release -a in the terminal. Alternatively, ubuntu-support-status, which provides more detailed information with the end date of community support (three years) and Canonical (five years).

New installation of the highest version
Our preferred solution is a "clean" setup for the latest, and hence, the most up-to-date version of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and the migration of the application. This will require updating not only the operating system, but also libraries and other support software. However, five years since the release of Ubuntu 14.04 is a long time, and since then a number of vulnerabilities have emerged.

Of course, this often requires a lot of effort in terms of editing the application to run on such a new environment. But the advantage is that you have both the original and the new environment, and you can go to the new one after fine-tuning.

Upgrade to 16.04
Ubuntu includes a mechanism to update to a higher version. Its success and functionality depend on the extent of changes that are made to the existing system. Also, how much external repositories you use and how much they are compatible with Ubuntu 16.04. At the same time, for 16.04 community support ends in April this year and full support in April 2021.

Do not run the update without a complete and functional backup with our snapshot. Otherwise, the step back in case of problems is extremely challenging. Also, be sure to have enough disk space for this operation. See the official documentation for a description of the entire process.

Canonical - paid support
Canonical Directly Extends Support for Another Year - Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) in Ubuntu Advantage for servers. The annual dedicated server (physical) license starts at $ 225 and $ 75 for the virtual server. This may be a good solution for those who know that they will not be able to complete the upgrade until the end of their support, or if their application is not ready.

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