Can Windows 95 run on a solid state drive (SSD)?

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Can Windows 95 run on a solid state drive (SSD)?
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NO, because your SSD must be inserted on a new computer hardware, if you buy an SSD, you should use it on a modern computer as well. Windows 95 won’t recognize most of your computer devices since it is so modern and the computer and the SSD vendors won’t provide you a driver developed for Windows 95.

YES = And yes you can install a Windows 95 as a VM guest on a host computer with an operating system that was installed on that SSD.

If you have a new modern computer with enough RAM and a SSD, here are the steps:

Install Ubuntu or if you prefer Windows
1. Download VMware Player or if you prefer VirtualBox
2. Create a Virtual Machine with “Windows 95” as its version or type of operating system.
3. Convert your Windows 95 CD to ISO image if you haven’t done so
4. Use the ISO image for your CD/DVD Device
5. Install Windows 95 and grab a pop corn or a coffee.

on July 21st, 2020 (9:44 pm)
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