A graphics card with which har-mi to choose, what would be a gain in graphics?

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I have a PC with an Intel Core-i3 4330.Integrated HD4600 video.8GB of RAM.Monique FullHD.
Video card with what characteristics to choose, so that there is an increase in graphics, relative to the embedded video?

What can I choose from?

I, in general, want to play higher than the average in FullFD resolution.
Now on the embedded video is normally played no higher than 1366x768 with low rendering quality in the settings(~ 25fps).But in some moments it still drops to 10fps - 15fps.
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Any good modern card you take will be better.To more accurately answer - give more motherboard, power supply and budget.

on January 12th, 2020 (6:27 pm)
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