How to add your solution?

Log in, open your profile and the folder My solution. Click on the button Add your solution.

Add your solution

At the beginning, it is necessary to choose an eye catching headline. Do not forget to use the key word which will differ you from the competition.

As next step, it is necessary to choose the category in which you will advertise your work. You can choose from large number of categories, which are systematically divided into 8 areas: Development, Trade, IT and Software, Design, Marketing, Office Productivity, Writing and Translations, and Music and Audio.

Add your solution

In following step, you need to write a preview solution and then also the full description of the solution. To this information it is possible to add the cover photos and attachments.

The hardest decision is waiting for you at the end of the form. You have to decide whether you will offer your solution for free or for a fee, or for how high fee (calculated per hour).


The excellent thing is that page itself will include the amount of the tax and the fee for the portal to your required amount, so you can immediately see the final amount that appears to potential customers.

After that just press the Add solution button and wait for the approval by the portal's administrator. Then, finally, you can find your solution on your profile under the folder My solutions or in the category in which you included it.

Extra bonus!

What acts as a very nice surprise, is the fact that as a bonus for 5 added solutions you will get the 25% discount coupon on a whole range of offers. Although the site does not do big promo around that, this idea is necessary to appreciate. After all everybody is sometimes missing something and get the service cheaper just for adding your own solution is really exceptional.

How to order the necessary solution?

After registration and finding out the suitable service, you have to click on button Order now, which will move you to the folder Cart details. If you do not want to continue shopping, you can confirm your order with button Complete payment.

Cart information

As next, you will be redirected to the payment gateway TrustPay, where you will enter the necessary information and click on Pay. If the payment is successful it will the box CART - Payment successful appear to you. You will see also the notification on the possibility of finding a purchased solution in your profile. The invoice will be automatically sent to your e-mail address, which you entered during registration.

Cart Payment Successful

In your profile, you can find folder My orders. There will your purchased solution wait for you.

My orders

What if the page does not offer the solution to my problem?

If you won't find the solution to your problem in the database, thanks to the folder My issues in your profile, you can simply create a request to find a solution exactly according to your wishes. Open folder Create an issue, fill out the details of your requirements, or you can alsoadd photos or attachments, click on button Create an issue and just wait for the offers.

Create an issue

Create an issue

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