We were founded 01. September 2015, in Bratislava, Europe. Idomaster.com is a social networking website designed for people who work and create in the field of information technologies and need to find quick solutions for their issues. We are a highly specialized market. Our goal is to sell already tested solutions for IT issues provided by experts and accompanied by detailed instructions.

IT specialists usually don't share their emotions and private life. They live in the world of numbers and codes. And, often errors... And they miss a platform where they could share, solve, sell, get or give advice in their highly specialized, rapidly changing field. Errors are Googled these days.

There are a number of systems, codes and languages, but a lack of professionals. Or, rather, specialists with detailed knowledge on the subject. People who have already dealt with similar, highly specialized issues.

If IT specialists encounter a "Big Issues" and are not sure or cannot solve it, we want them to click on our platform and post it there. An expert will answer the question, offer a solution and they can then both agree on trading conditions.

We wish to be a platform where IT specialists find partners who speak the same language, understandable only for them or a handful of others.